Plans to build a stronger Kelowna include key community, sport and wellness projects to support our active, growing city including:

  • The redevelopment of Parkinson Recreation Centre and the surrounding park as a core recreation facility in central Kelowna
  • The construction of new activity centres for all ages in Mission and Glenmore
  • Optimization of sports fields in Rutland
  • Furthering community partnerships with key partners such as Okanagan College and UBCO.

To help finalize these plans, we need to hear from you, Kelowna! Between fall 2023 and spring 2024, we will be seeking to engage on all components of the building a stronger Kelowna initiative with both the public and key groups:

  • Fall / Winter 2023 - Activity Centre Functional Plan Public Engagement (Closed Dec 10, 2023)
  • Spring 2024 - Rutland Recreation Park Engagement
  • Spring-Fall 2024 - Redevelopment of PRC Design Validation
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The importance of active spaces - Malindi's Why

As local residents share, there are many different perspectives on why spaces for sport, wellness and connection are important to build community. Watch the full video series here.

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23 February, 2024

JenT says:

As pickleball becomes more and more popular, especially to the elder community, we need more indoor courts or covered courts.

20 February, 2024

Anonymous says:

The waterfront and too many high rises crowding the downtown area is suffocating the ambiance and community feeling of the city and access.

11 February, 2024

sdfghjk says:

Active/activity-based tourism is growing in popularity. The rail trail could be a tourist destination if it weren't terrifying to ride along

11 February, 2024

sdfghjk says:

Active transportation networks are active spaces not to be neglected.

11 February, 2024

sdfghjk says:

As our population ages, active spaces should be considering the needs of seniors.

10 February, 2024

KH says:

Having a place for people to go learn , be active and meet new people is important for every community. Not driving across town is also good

25 January, 2024

Valerie says:

You should have more activities for Family ......Roller Rink, huge dome shape filled with pin ball machines 😳 dance activities, chess,

22 January, 2024

iamacrazedupbean says:

Active spaces are a great way to reconnect with the nature after a long day and also keep us engaged with the community and spaces around us

9 January, 2024

kelownasunshine says:

Active space offers great opportunities for affordable & free activities, which is needed as the cost of living has skyrocketed!

5 January, 2024

beck violo says:

Over 600 Kelowna residents including my self believe that the city of Kelowna doesn't do enough for the skateboarding scene #lightupbenlee

3 January, 2024

mwht says:

What we are missing in this fast growing city is a space for community & relationship building. Sports and wellness is what brings ppl tgt

2 January, 2024

Billy says:

I often find it difficult to find a public owned space for community gathering. Creating more space is crucial.