Parkinson Recreation Centre (PRC) is more than just a building – it has strengthened the core of our community for decades with inclusive, accessible programming for people of all ages, abilities and incomes. The redevelopment of PRC will give people a place to grow, thrive, connect and belong for generations to come.

Council endorsed the Functional Program for the redevelopment of PRC on April 17, 2023.
As part of the redevelopment of the Parkinson Recreation Centre and Parkinson Recreation Park site, there are several important amenities that contribute to the overall user experience, including:

  • Unique spaces for people of all ages and abilities to recreate and be ‘Active for Life’
  • Social spaces which serve as the ‘community living room’ with sufficiently sized lobby and additional social spaces scattered throughout
  • Integration with the outdoors to make full use of the park setting
  • A kitchen for community programs, capable of supporting large-scale events
  • Event-hosting support space capable of hosting indoor and outdoor tournaments
  • Appropriately sized and equipped amenities (ie, gymnasia, pools) to accommodate competitive sports
  • Space for swimming that: engages the needs of health and wellness users, recreational users and meets the standards for aquatic sports; has a strong focus on wellness amenities; has a pool that is appropriately sized and that can be flexible enough to provide different programming options
  • Space focused on youth and space dedicated to childcare

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Reimagining Parkinson Recreation Centre

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