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What is an urban forest?

Kelowna’s urban forest includes trees, forests, plants, soils, and ecosystem components located within the city. The urban forest is a diverse mix of natural and planted trees spanning city streets, parks, private yards, and natural forest stands. The urban forest refers to any tree within Kelowna’s municipal boundary.

Why is it important?

The urban forest is an essential part of Kelowna’s character, livability, biodiversity, and the community’s climate resilience. Caring for the urban forest is a shared responsibility of the City and all residents, businesses, institutions, and other land stewards.

The City of Kelowna is updating the Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy, developed in 2011. The updated Strategy will address new and emerging challenges for the urban forest, including the following drivers of change:

The Sustainable Urban Forest Strategy will provide:

  • A 10-year implementation plan and monitoring framework guiding Kelowna's urban forest management
  • Baseline information on the current state of Kelowna’s urban forest
  • A renewed vision for the urban forest that reflects what we heard through the first phase of engagement and understand from Imagine Kelowna
  • Updated goals, recommendations, and targets


CLOSED - this survey has concluded