North End Neighbourhood Plan

In the most recent phase of engagement, residents were invited to provide input on three unique neighbourhood concepts being presented as part of the North End planning process. Engagement took place from August 2- October 22, 2023.

Thank you for your participation, Kelowna! Engagement results were presented to Council on December 5. Read the Council report and full engagement summary and watch for a preferred concept in early 2024.

Ways the public got involved


Residents were asked to review all three City concepts and share what they liked, what could be improved and what might be missing. Feedback will help shape a preferred concept, expected in early 2024.

Information sessions

Staff hosted three information sessions in October 2023 where the public was invited to learn more about the draft concepts and ask questions. Over 500 people were in attendance.

About the project

The North End is evolving – home to an eclectic mix of residential, recreational, industrial and commercial uses, and a popular craft-industrial district, it’s rich with amenities that draw visitors near and far. The North End Neighbourhood Plan will guide growth and redevelopment in the area over the next 20 years and beyond. The detailed strategy will include locations of parks and public spaces, growth and development standards, and transportation solutions among other considerations

Concept Plans: how we got here

  • The North End Vision & Objectives were shaped by public input gathered in 2021, our Imagine Kelowna community vision, the 2040 Official Community Plan and technical analysis.
  • A "community needs" list for the North End was developed based on the Vision & Objectives for the Plan and endorsed by Council in Aug. 2022.
  • Three draft neighbourhood concepts were presented to Council on July 24, 2023

The North End Neighbourhood Plan and public engagement began in 2021. This North End is being prioritized for a neighbourhood plan because the pace of change and the imminent development of the former Tolko mill site will require us to plan this area proactively and holistically – in a way that ensures any new development aligns with our Imagine Kelowna community vision and incorporates residents' aspirations for this unique part of town.

Along with technical analysis and financial considerations, public input is being used to shape the North End Plan in a number of ways.

1) To help develop the North End Plan Vision and Objectives (complete)

2) To help identify a list of community needs to inform draft concepts (complete)

3) To evaluate draft concepts and help inform the development of the preferred concept (in progress)

4) To evaluate the neighbourhood plan (upcoming)

Public input, along with technical considerations, will be used to develop a refined concept and the draft North End Plan, which are expected to be shared in early 2024. The public will have a chance to weigh in on the refined concept before it goes to Council for endorsement.

Following the City's lead, the Mill Site development team will also be engaging with the public for input on complementary concepts for their privately owned waterfront location. To learn about the Mill Site development team's planning process, visit:

Survey - closed

Concept Maps

The Key Features Maps offer a snapshot of each of the three draft concepts. For a deeper dive into the concepts, take a look at the land use, transportation and public space maps or the full document


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Project Archive

Past Updates

Past surveys

North End Vision - Resident Survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

North End Plan - Business Survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Expression of Interest - North End Neighbourhood Committee

CLOSED: the last day for submissions was Nov 22.

Amenity Exercise Feedback

Thank you for participating in the North End community needs exercise! Please complete this survey to tell us what you thought about this new learning opportunity.
Describe your relationship to the North End (select all that apply) Required
Did this exercise help you understand how higher levels of neighbourhood growth support higher levels of community amenities? Required
What changes did you make? Required
How long have you lived in Kelowna? Required
Was your neighbourhood growth score what you expected? Required
Did you revise any of your amenity selections in response to your initial neighbourhood growth score? Required
What type of home do you live in? Required
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Do you think this exercise will help you understand / evaluate the different growth scenarios (neighbourhood concepts) when you see them? Required
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Do you think this exercise will help you understand / evaluate the different growth scenarios (neighbourhood concepts) when you see them? Required

Participation Feedback

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Discuss: your vision for the North End

Map tool

Learning Exercise

Learn about neighbourhood growth by selecting amenities

As neighbourhoods like the North End grow, more amenities are needed to serve the growing population. At the same time, there is a direct relationship between the amenities the City is able to afford and the amount of development that takes place - since new development helps pay for new amenities through taxation and development cost charges.

Try this exercise to learn how amenities and neighbourhood growth are related. Select the scale of various amenities you want to see in the North End and find out how much new growth is needed to deliver the amenities you chose. You might be surprised!

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Additional resources

If you want to keep exercise instructions and definitions open for reference, click here.

The community needs (amenity) list that this exercise is based on was endorsed by Council in August 2022.