Subdivision, Development & Servicing Bylaw (7900)


Since 2020, City staff have been working to update the SDS Bylaw to create a more user-friendly development process that better reflects the various transportation needs in Kelowna.

These updates are now being reviewed internally and with key stakeholders in the development community. It is anticipated the updates will be adopted and implemented in 2023.

The SDS Bylaw regulates infrastructure standards for development within Kelowna. Through this role the Bylaw helps implement the community vision set out in Imagine Kelowna and the goals and objective s of the Official Community Plan, the Transportation Master Plan.

“Kelowna will be a city with vibrant urban centres where people and places are conveniently connected by diverse transportation options that help us transition from our car-centric culture.”

- Transportation Master Plan

Why does the SDS Bylaw need to be updated?

The existing Highways design standards section of the SDS Bylaw is more than 20 years old. That means it no longer follows current best practices in the transportation planning and design field. It’s also the last major section to be updated to follow Master Municipal Contract Documents (MMCD) Design Guidelines, which will make the design standards easier to use and more consistent.

These updates will also align the bylaw with the priorities of the 2040 Official Community Plan and the 2040 Transportation Master Plan.

What’s being updated?

The proposed updates are designed to provide more consistency and better reflect Kelowna’s transportation needs and priorities. In addition, the updates will:

  • Align the Bylaw with best practices and design guidelines
  • Provide more flexible and contextual guidelines that reflect land use considerations
  • Add sections that support more sustainable transportation. For example, active transportation and public transit.
  • Include new cross-sections and other materials to implement the road classification system adopted in the OCP.
  • Include a greater focus on safety.

The updated bylaw sections and schedules include:

Update process

The bylaw updates were drafted by a Bylaw Working Group, which includes staff from various City of Kelowna departments and engineering consultants.

The Bylaw Working Group engaged with relevant groups, including the Urban Development Institute (UDI) to build a framework for the update process. Over the course of two years, the working group drafted and revised the updated bylaw.

These updates are currently being reviewed internally and by external stakeholders.