Tell us where you would like to see a Dropbike haven

The Kelowna Bikeshare Pilot is a 18-month agreement with Dropbike to deliver 500-1500 bikes in a bikeshare system within the City of Kelowna on a pilot basis. Bikeshare is a system of bikes located at different points in a city that can be used for one-way trips. Pick up a bike somewhere and drop it off near your final destination.

How havens work

Bikeshare havens will form the backbone of the bikeshare network.

Bikeshare havens are locations where users can end their trips without incurring an additional fee benefiting from lower pricing.

As we design the backbone of the bikeshare network we would like to learn more about where you would use a bikeshare service.

  • What neighbourhoods we should cover first?
  • Where do residents want to see bikeshare?

Users that end their trip outside of a haven are charged a penalty fee which is converted to bounty on the bike. Users can return the bike to a haven to earn the bounty as a credit on their account.

What do havens look like?

Havens will be simple areas in the city that are marked and highlighted within the dropbike app. No large installation will be required to create havens and havens can be created on demand for things like special events.

The pilot will last 18 months, start in Spring 2018, and operate at no cost to the municipality.

Residents were invited to pin their bike havens until April 30. Thank you to everyone who pinned their bikeshare havens!

We will be sharing the haven location data with Drop Bike. You can look forward to seeing bikes on the streets coming in May 2018!



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