About the Project

Hartman Road between Rutland Road and the entrance the YMCA was identified as a priority corridor for bike lanes in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (2016)

The city is planning to resurface Hartman Rd and is considering advancing the installation of bike infrastructure along the roadway. The facility will connect Rutland Road to the Rutland Recreation Park and Rutland Neighbourhood Bikeways, creating a comprehensive bike network.

The city is exploring two bike facility options: a multi-use pathway and painted bike lanes.

Your input is essential before we proceed with the design!

Facility Options

Option 1 proposes a multi-use pathway on the south side of Hartman Rd. A multi-use pathway is an off-street facility that is shared between people walking, cycling, and using other forms of active transportation such as scooters and skateboards. This option would accommodate cyclists of all ages and abilities.


  • Safety: Increases safety for pedestrians and cyclists by providing physical separation from cars
  • Comfort: Increases comfort for cyclists by providing physical separation from cars
  • Parking Impacts: Will result in minimal loss of on-street parking stalls.
  • Consistency: Consistent with existing facilities along Hartman Road east of the YMCA Entrance
  • Inclusivity: Accommodates cyclists of all ages and abilities
  • Cost: Lower cost of implementation
  • Space: Expands space for walking, cycling, rolling, and mobility devices


  • Frontage Impacts: Closer to property boundaries and could affect hedges and fences.
  • User Conflicts: Different types of users (pedestrians, cyclists, skaters) sharing the same pathway can lead to conflicts due to speed differences and varying adherence to pathway rules and etiquette.
  • Maintenance: Snow and ice removal during winter months may be costly

Option 2 proposes painted bike lanes on both sides of Hartman Rd. These bike lanes would be located on the street and marked with paint to designate the space specifically for cyclists. This option aims to provide a dedicated space for cyclists while maintaining separate areas for pedestrians on the sidewalk.


  • Frontage Impacts: Minimal impacts to fronting properties
  • User Conflicts: Avoids user conflicts between people who walk and cycle by providing separated facilities
  • Maintenance: Ease of maintenance compared to physically separated infrastructure.
  • Accessibility: Adds a crosswalk for easier access to Rutland Recreation Park


  • Safety: Cyclists may be vulnerable to accidents caused by car doors opening into bike lanes and are more vulnerable as they are riding without physical separation from vehicles
  • Comfort: Concerns of cyclists' discomfort riding near vehicles
  • Consistency: Does not align with current facilities on Hartman Road
  • Parking Impacts: Will result in the loss of majority of on-street parking stalls
  • Inclusivity: Does not accommodate cyclists of all ages and abilities
  • Cost: Higher cost of implementation

The following evaluation score provides an overview of how the two routes perform across various categories.

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