About the program

The regional School Travel Planning Program identifies infrastructure improvements that can help more students walk, bike or otherwise use active transportation to get to and from school. Each year, staff work with a participating school and conduct baseline research through classroom and family surveys, observations and traffic counts.

The benefits of more students making the school journey on foot include:

  • Increased safety
  • Improved health
  • Arriving alert and ready to learn
  • Less stress, greater happiness
  • Less pollution
  • Reduced traffic congestion at and around the school

Through the School Travel Planning program, parents, teachers, and school administration staff have been working with municipal, school district, and public health officials to reduce barriers to students using active transportation to get to and from school.

Every family’s input is important to the success of this project. Based on what staff learn about school travel choices and why, a travel plan is created for participating schools that consider the needs of all students.

Participating schools

Fall 2024

  • North Glenmore Elementary- (Follow-up)
  • Casorso Elementary-(Follow-up)


  • Webber Elementary (ongoing)
  • Springvalley Elementary and Middle- (Follow-up)
  • Davidson Road Elementary-(Follow-up)
  • Bellevue Creek Elementary (ongoing)
  • Quigley Elementary (ongoing)

Other schools