The City of Kelowna is excited to begin building the Pandosy Waterfront Park sooner than anticipated, thanks to available Parks Development Cost Charges (DCC’s).

This lakefront community-level park will feature an urban lakefront, paddle sport launch area, pedestrian promenade, pathways, and more.

Preparation of the site began in late 2020. Subject to Provincial approvals and permits, the first phase is anticipated for completion in 2023.

If you want to see more about the future phases of design work on the park, check out the Forum at the bottom of this page.

Have a question? There is also a Q&A at the bottom of the page to submit any questions to the project team.

About the Design

The full park design reflects a balance of the priorities and values shared with us by the community, including:

Creating great public spaces that bring people together

Public spaces like parks, plazas, community centres and urban centres are catalysts to community cohesion and vibrancy. The location and design of Pandosy Waterfront Park will invite residents and visitors to gather with friends, family and community against the backdrop of our City's greatest natural resource, Okanagan Lake.

Phase 1 construction includes all areas within the red boundary (apart from the future event pavilion) and listed in blue text. Future phases of construction will include all of the areas in grey. A schedule for proceeding with these elements will be developed as further funding becomes available.

Master Plan design

New lift station with foot washing station

Misting area with large boulders

Project Timeline

The Journey to Today

The redevelopment of this property has been contemplated for more than a decade. Council endorsed the park’s design based on the feedback from residents during an in-depth public engagement process in 2014, which included:

  • An online forum for public feedback
  • A large-scale citizen design workshop called a charrette
  • An open house

Feedback from the community was strong on maintaining a greenspace park. Without a revenue-generating property to fund the project, construction on the new park was scheduled for 2025/26 when funding would be available.

In 2019 new Parks Development Cost Charges were introduced and this new funding stream has allowed the City to expedite the construction of the park.