Project Update

Traffic Calming in Hall Road neighbourhood will not be proceeding.

Early 2022, the City of Kelowna worked to develop options to improve the safety and comfort of residents walking, biking, and driving in the Hall Road neighbourhood in response to an increase in traffic calming service requests over the last 10 years. Through Summer 2022, neighbourhood residents were invited to review, complete a survey, and comment on traffic calming measures proposed for the area. A summary of the engagement can be found in the Documents section on the right of this page.

A final plan was prepared based on feedback from the engagement and technical data, and a letter was sent to residents asking for a final vote. As per City traffic calming procedures, at least 70 per cent of the properties in the consultation area had to be in favour of the project, or less than 30 per cent in opposition.

Of the 317 residences in the neighbourhood, 149 registered in opposition; exceeding 30 per cent. Therefore, the project did not proceed.

There are many demands for traffic calming throughout the City and it is infeasible to review neighbourhoods repeatedly. The City will not review traffic calming measures in the Hall Road neighbourhood for a minimum of five years.

What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming is the use of physical design and other measures to reduce vehicle speeds and enhance safety for people who drive, walk, and bicycle. Modified driver behaviour improves the comfort and safety for non-motorized users who share the road with people who drive.

Traffic calming enhances safety for everyone, whether they drive, walk, or bike.

Why Hall Road neighbourhood?

The neighbourhood has a history with traffic calming requests and measures implemented prior to this project. These include:

  • Adjustment of the posted speed limits in the neighbourhood, many reduced from 50km/hr to 40km/hr
  • Review of signage along many of the roadways in the community

There has been an increase of service requests for traffic calming within the last ten years, and the majority pertain to the safety and comfort for those who walk around the community due to speeds of people driving into and out of the neighbourhood.

The main themes include:

  • Speeding on Hall Road, Wildwood Road, Packers Road, and O’Reilly Road
  • Shortcutting on Wildwood Road
  • Sightline concerns on Hall Road, Packers Road, and O’Reilly Road
  • Safety for people walking

The City of Kelowna’s Council Policy 300, Neighbourhood Traffic Management acts as a guide in developing strategies to mitigate traffic issues faced by neighbourhoods.

For a neighbourhood traffic management plan to be successful, the community must be supportive of the plan, and at least 70 per cent of the directly affected property owners must approve the recommended measures for implementation.

Before taking the survey, click More Info below to find a list and imagery of traffic calming measures, considerations toward prioritizing the Hall Road neighbourhood, and other factors contributing to the project.

Let's improve safety and slow down our neighbourhoods - together.


CLOSED - this survey has concluded.

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