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The City is working to use emerging technologies to help make it easier for people to get around. We are participating in a provincial pilot program to better understand how shared electric scooters can help meet community goals.

We want to hear about your experience with them to help shape these services in the future.


The program aims to better understand how shared e-scooters can help:

  • provide an affordable and convenient option to get around Kelowna
  • reduce car use and take pressure off our roads
  • reduce the growth of greenhouse gas emissions

The City is looking for opportunities to learn more as we refine how shared e-scooters are delivered to best match the community's needs. This is where you come in.

The survey linked below will help the City understand how Kelowna residents view the service and identify opportunities for improvement.

The City intends to use the feedback from this survey to understand how shared e-scooters are performing as we look to refine these services in the future. The City will also evaluate e-scooter usage data, safety data, and the results of e-scooter rider surveys to help inform any future changes.

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Whether you have used an e-scooter or not, we want to hear from you! Your feedback is valuable and will help refine the program moving forward.

Complete our short survey below until Nov. 7.

Ask a question to engage with the team.

Conclusion from engagement:

Several actions have been taken since program launch to address the issues and concerns raised by the community. Staff recommend keeping the existing restrictions in place and incorporating some additional recommendations for 2022, based on the findings of this report.

One notable new recommendation is requiring e-scooter companies to include a helmet attached to each shared e-scooter and e-bike. While safety and health considerations of shared helmets remain, the industry has seen companies develop or enter the market with this offering recently, whereas previously, companies had ceased offering this feature.

Next steps:

Current e-scooter operation permits will expire on April 19 th, 2022. If Council chooses to continue the program into the next permit cycle, staff will need to open the application process in December 2021 to allow time for application submission, application review, field testing, permit issuance and new service launch by April 20th, 2022. This schedule would provide uninterrupted service, which is important for establishing the program as a dependable service that residents can rely upon.


E-scooter survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

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