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Streetscape elements like benches, trash receptacles, bicycle racks and traffic bollards support increased pedestrian activity, provide added comfort and promote safety.

The City of Kelowna is working to coordinate the streetscape elements that are installed in four downtown districts: the cultural district, the residential district, the business district, and the historic and entertainment district (see map on the right.)

We collected your feedback, along with other considerations such as operational requirements and life-cycle costs, to finalize three groups of complementary elements called suites.

The suites will then be installed over time as development occurs or as older street furniture needs replacing.

Right now, Kelowna has coordinated streetscape elements in its downtown Waterfront District and along Bernard Avenue.

If you walk around these areas you can see how the various streetscape elements work together to promote use, comfort and a district's identity.

Coordinating the streetscape elements in the other downtown distircts will avoid a hodgepodge of different styles and colours and make them more inviting places to be.


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Consultation has concluded