Other Actions

<p></p><p>There are many actions proposed for the Community Climate Action Plan update. Some are actions that are already ongoing (such as expansion of sidewalks and bike lanes or improvements to transit). Other actions call for further investigation to fully understand the implications before any recommendations for implementation can be made (for example investigation of a private tree protection bylaw or regional fuel tax). </p> <p>The online discussion has focused on obtaining your input on new actions that could be implemented related to transportation, buildings and the proposed GHG targets. For a complete list of proposed actions visit the City’s <a href="https://www.kelowna.ca/our-community/environment/climate-action">Climate Action</a> webpage.</p> <p><b>Is there anything else on the list of proposed actions that you would like to discuss? Do you have any other action ideas that you would like us to consider?</b></p><br>
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