Casorso 4 Project Update

6 December 2021

In December 2020, the City sought feedback on concepts for the northern portion of the Casorso ATC project (between Raymer Avenue and K.L.O. Road). After reviewing technical considerations and public comments, and engaging with stakeholders, the Casorso 4 ATC project is moving ahead with Option 1 (shown below). This option is less costly and will maintain parking on the Okanagan College campus.

This new corridor will close gaps in the existing network by extending the Ethel Street ATC south, linking downtown and Capri-Landmark to South Pandosy. It will also offer bicyclists and pedestrians better access to major destinations like Okanagan College.

Key features of the corridor include:

  • Extension of the protected bike lanes from Ethel Street along Raymer Avenue
  • A north-south bike route along the laneway west of the wastewater treatment plant between Raymer Avenue and K.L.O. Road
  • Renewal of existing infrastructure, such as repaving the laneway
  • New infrastructure, including:
    1. concrete curb on Raymer to separate bicyclists from motor vehicles
    2. new markings and signage on both Raymer and the laneway
    3. new lighting in the laneway
    4. a two-way bike path along K.L.O. Road connecting from the south end of the laneway to the Casorso Road intersection crossing
  • Tree consideration along K.LO. Road in coordination with Okanagan College

Construction for the new route began in fall of 2021 and will be accessible to users by spring 2022.

Engagement Background

We asked "Which route would you prefer between Raymer Avenue to K.L.O. Road?" The engagement summary can be found here.