Casorso 3 Project Update

29 July 2022

In December 2021, the City sought feedback on the conceptual design for a new active transportation corridor (ATC) on Casorso Road between K.L.O. Road and Barrera Road. Design for the Casorso 3 ATC is now complete with construction expected to begin in 2023.

Key features of the final design include:

  • Extension of protected bike lanes for over 1 kilometer to close the gap between the Ethel ATC and the Barrera multi-use path, completing a North-South connection from Downtown to the Lower Mission and the Mission Creek Greenway
  • Renewal of existing infrastructure, such as repaving Casorso Road, reconstructing sidewalks where necessary, and replacing old streetlights
  • New infrastructure, including:
    • Concrete curb on Casorso to separate bicyclists from motor vehicles
    • New markings and signage on Casorso
    • New streetlighting along Casorso
    • Widening of Casorso road surface north of Lanfranco intersection to maintain more parking
    • Improvements to Casorso & KLO intersection, including marked and signalized crossings for both northbound and southbound crossings for people walking and biking across K.L.O. Road
    • Safety and accessibility improvements at all intersections, such as curb extensions to reduce crossing distance for pedestrians
    • Formalized drop off & pick up areas at Casorso Elementary School, including a new crosswalk at the school entrance and wider sidewalks to create a safer environment for school users
  • 35 new street trees planned along the corridor from K.L.O. Road to Barrera Road

While public engagement revealed that the majority of respondents were satisfied with the preliminary design, suggestions from participants were incorporated into the final design.

Key refinements based on participant comments are as follows:

  • K.L.O. to Lanfranco: The most common feedback was related to the loss of parking within the KLO to Lanfranco section. There are 63 existing parking stalls along this stretch and the preliminary concept design indicated a loss of 29 stalls on the east side. After reviewing the public feedback, the detailed design was revised to create two parking pockets on the east side, which will maintain an additional eight stalls and reduce the parking loss. Due to existing driveways, shallow utilities and existing grades, additional parking pockets weren’t economically feasible.
  • Bechard to Barrera: Based on feedback received around the Casorso Elementary School site, the design was revised to place the bike lanes behind the sidewalk on the west side to prevent conflicts between school pick up and bicyclists. The proposed crosswalk has been shifted to line up with a new entrance to the school yard.

Additional requests to include a sidewalk on the west side of Casorso between Swordy Road and Bechard Road were heard. However, due to the existing lower elevations of the adjacent properties, it is difficult to install the sidewalk without significant works on private property. Installation of the sidewalk will need to be delivered through future redevelopment of the area.

Engagement background

Participants were asked to review the preliminary designs and use an interactive map tool to indicate which features they liked or disliked and to identify locations where they wanted to see something changed or added. Thank you to the more than 170 people who shared their feedback. Read the full engagement summary here.