In fall 2020, accessible parking users and stakeholders were invited to share their experiences using accessible parking stalls in City-owned parking lots and on-street parking. Public and stakeholder engagement included an online public survey and stakeholder interviews.


Based on what we heard from the public and stakeholders, combined with the findings of a technical review, the following recommendations have been made on how to improve the design and the availability of accessible parking stalls. Please take a moment to review and then answer the Quick Poll at the bottom of this page.

1. Proposed actions to improve the design of accessible parking stalls

Design van-accessible stalls to ensure there is a curb ramp nearby so people can safely travel from their vehicle to the sidewalk.

Remove obstacles or obstructions to the side and rear of the parking stall to improve access for wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles.

Using additional signage to indicate van-accessible stalls to increase visibility for users.

Use signage and pavement markings to communicate the importance of keeping the access aisles clear.

Paint the curb blue for on-street accessible stalls to increase their visibility and ensure adjacent vehicles do not inadvertently block access.

Revise snow maintenance and clearance practices to prevent accessible parking stalls from being blocked during the winter months.

2. Proposed actions to improve the availability of accessible parking stalls

Give an additional hour of grace time at no charge for accessible parking permit holders using a non-accessible paid parking stall.

Launch an awareness campaign to highlight the experiences of accessible parking users in Kelowna and the importance of giving enough space around accessible stalls.

Conduct periodic enforcement blitzes to ensure accessible stalls are used properly.

Increase the fine for parking in an accessible stall without a permit.

Add a new offence and fine amount for fraudulent use of an accessible permit.

Add parking fees to improve availability in prime locations and encourage turnover of accessible stalls in 2022:

  • Accessible parking permit holders would park at a discounted rate with no time limit.
  • Payment would be required in pay parking areas whenever pay parking is in effect.
  • Add a designated parking meter adjacent to all on-street accessible parking stalls so users can pay easily; additional revenue would support future parking improvements.
  • Data from parking transactions would inform decisions about accessible parking changes.

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Please answer the quick poll question below by August 8, 2021, and share any additional feedback in the comments section. Your comments and results of the quick poll will inform the final recommendations, which will be presented to Council for endorsement consideration in fall 2021.


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