Project Updates - 2023

Construction of protected bike lanes on Sutherland Avenue from Ethel Street to Burtch Road is scheduled for Aug. 2023 - 2024. With this network gap filled, Sutherland will provide an all-ages and abilities route between the OK Rail Trail, Landmark, Ethel and Abbott facilities.

The project proposes a mix of quick build/ultimate materials to fill this gap in the interim as future development in the area will complete the ultimate construction. When replaced, some quick build materials can be redeployed to other projects.

This type of infrastructure combines interim materials such as concrete barriers or delineator posts, with limited new construction, to deliver projects sooner until budget is available to construct permanent infrastructure. A similar strategy has been delivered on the Abbott Street Active Transportation Corridor extension.

Final design & construction

Design for the entire corridor has been informed by public input received in 2016 and 2018, when the City shared concept and preliminary designs with residents.

The project is designed to provide a comfortable, safe connection between key destinations for people of all ages and abilities. Features include a two-way protected bike lane with a physical barrier from vehicles, new turning movements for motor vehicles, raised intersection crossings, a new transit stop platform.

Why Sutherland for protected bike lanes?

Sutherland Avenue is well positioned for protected bike lanes, because it:

  • Runs parallel to Harvey Avenue;
  • Extends from Abbott Street and Pandosy Street in the west, to the Parkinson Recreation Centre and Landmark area to the east;
  • Connects with Richter Street, Ethel Street and Gordon Drive, providing access to the Pandosy Village, Okanagan College and Kelowna Secondary School; and
  • Forms an active transportation loop connecting with Abbott Active Transportation Corridor (ATC), Ethel ATC, Parkinson pathway, Okanagan Rail Trail, Cawston ATC and waterfront pathways.

Design feedback

Concept design - 2016

Residents shared input on the concept design in spring 2016. Feedback received at the open house and through an online survey was considered by the planning and design teams when refining the design.

Preliminary design - 2018

In May 2018, residents shared feedback on the preliminary design, which considered two design options for the section of Sutherland Avenue between Pandosy Street and Richter Street. While the majority of all participants preferred Option A (two-way vehicle traffic and parking on south side of the street), the majority of participants who live on Sutherland Avenue between Pandosy Street and Richter Street preferred Option B (one-way vehicle traffic with parking on both sides of the street).


Exit survey - Draft

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