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Amazing Neighbour!

29 April, 2020

Our neighbour welcomes new neighbours to our apartment building and gets to know everyone who moves in. Several times a week, she cleans the shared laundry rooms, including buying Swiffers herself to clean the lint traps and steam vents on the dryers. Throughout the week, you can spot her cleaning the building front door with Windex and paper towel. Ever since this pandemic began, she has taken it upon herself to disinfect all common doorknobs and elevator buttons at least twice per day. She keeps an eye on the neighborhood out her bedroom window, which overlooks the street, and reports suspicious activity to the police to keep our downtown neighborhood safer.

She adores our young son, and has brought him countless gifts of storybooks and toys and healthful snacks, for his birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and just randomly throughout the year. Occasionally, she finds herself with too much fresh organic non GMO fruit or health food, and comes knocking on our door, eager to share!

We feel so blessed to have such an amazing, wonderful neighbour! We have always felt safer, before the pandemic and during, knowing our neighbour is keeping an eye on our building and keeping everything clean and safe!

P.S. - no, she isn't the building manager and she does not get paid for any of this! She is just an amazing person!!!

-Outstanding Neighbour submission by MC

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