Rental Housing Inventory Questionnaire

Who should complete the survey?

Any owner or property manager responsible for purpose-built rental housing in Kelowna.

"Purpose-Built Rental Housing" means a self-contained building(s) containing five or more Dwelling Units that are intended to be used for rental housing. Purpose-built rental housing meets an identified need for housing in the City and does not include buildings that are stratified, except those stratified buildings that are subject to operating agreements with the Provincial Rental Housing Corporation.

How will the information be used?

We are compiling a detailed inventory of the existing purpose-built rental stock in Kelowna. The information collected will help inform municipal policy direction to protect the long-term viability of existing purpose-built rental housing.

What if I have more than one building?

Please email: directly for assistance.

Your input will help support a healthy and strong rental market for all in Kelowna.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.