September → October 2019

Kelowna 2040 Neighbourhood Expos

Neighbourhood expos featured displays and activities to help participants explore a range of topics, such as transportation, parks, infill housing and future land use. Participants received a ‘passport to 2040’ to give feedback through an online survey that was available Sept to Oct. 4, 2019 or at four in-person events. Next steps included developing a draft Future Land Use Plan, which was brought to Council and the public for consideration in fall 2019. A collaboration between staff, Council, residents and community stakeholders, the land use plan will provide a big picture overview of the types of activities and use that can take place in different areas of the city.

September → October 2018

Land Use Idea Generator

Landowners considering redevelopment of their properties within the next ten years were invited to share their ideas for consideration. A draft Future Land Use Plan will be developed in 2019, and those who made submissions will be notified if their idea was incorporated. To file an immediate development application, please visit the Property Development Application webpage. Redevelopment of agricultural lands or lands outside of the Permanent Growth Boundary were not considered through the idea generator.

June 2018

Pick Your Path to 2040

Residents were invited to share how they want Kelowna to grow, as well as experience four different growth scenarios for Kelowna 2040. Public, interactive exhibits were held at Stuart Park, Okanagan College, and the Rutland Centennial Hall. In addition, residents were invited to walk through the Pick your Path interactive storybook and complete an online questionnaire.

Based on technical data, growth projections, and public and stakeholder input, Council endorsed a growth strategy that proposes a gradual shift toward a more compact and complete community. The scenario will be used as a benchmark to help guide development of the 2040 Official Community Plan, Transportation Master Plan and 20 Year Servicing Plan.