Protecting our environment

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Kelowna’s natural environment is a cornerstone of Kelowna’s identity, supporting the community’s health, economy, and livability - however, much of our natural environment has been lost or damaged due to development. The OCP provides the opportunity to strategically plan how the city will grow while protecting our precious natural assets and restoring what's been lost for future generations.

Key directions to achieve this vision include:

  • Reducing air pollution from motor vehicles by discouraging land uses and activities that require idling and encouraging other modes of transportation
  • Preserving the health of Okanagan Lake
  • Protecting ecologically sensitive lands and species at risk
  • Enhancing biodiversity and landscape diversity
  • Protecting and expanding a healthy urban forest
  • Minimizing growth in outlying areas
  • Preserve ecosystem corridors for habitat connectivity, migration and wildlife populations

Questions for discussion

  1. What do you like about the key directions?
  2. How might these key directions be improved? 
  3. Is there anything missing?
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