Protecting agricultural land & stopping sprawl

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The pressure to find new land for a growing city can threaten agricultural lands over time. However, protecting and preserving rural and agricultural lands - and supporting the economic viability of our agricultural sector - has never been more important. The OCP contains a permanent growth boundary and urban development is discouraged outside of that boundary.

Key directions to protect agricultural land and limit sprawl include: 

  • Minimize growth in outlying areas
  • Protect agricultural land from encroachment – lands outside of the permanent growth boundary would not be supported for further development unless already designated in the 2030 OCP. 
  • Make existing suburbs more complete by supporting corner stores, cafes, and other amenities 

Questions for discussion 

  1. What do you like about the key directions?
  2. How might these key directions be improved? 
  3. Is there anything missing?
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