Housing diversity in the Core Area

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The draft OCP looks to add more housing and housing variety in the Core Area, largely through residential infill. In the Core Area, we can expect to see more “missing middle” housing forms (house-scale multi-family dwellings, like townhouses, that fill the gap between single detached homes and taller apartment buildings). 

Key directions to achieve this vision include:

  • Designing new missing middle housing so that it fits the character of the existing neighbourhood
  • Supporting site design that provides onsite parking and preserves mature trees as much as possible
  • Keeping higher density housing types like apartments focused along corridors and Urban Centres
  • Considering limited opportunities for infill in the Heritage Conservation Area consistent with heritage development guidelines. Infill may include suites, carriage homes, second homes, subdivisions, and multiple dwelling housing. Large infill projects requiring lot consolidations would be discouraged

Questions for discussion

  1. What do you like about the key directions?
  2. How might these key directions be improved? 
  3. Is there anything missing?
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