Completing surburban neighbourhoods

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Infrastructure investments and growth will be primarily focused in Urban Centres and the Core Area because it's the most financially and environmentally sustainable way to grow. Although no new suburban neighbourhoods will be supported through the 2040 OCP, making existing suburban neighbourhoods more complete will ensure that more of residents' daily needs are met closer to home and help improve quality of life.

Key directions to achieve this vision include:

  • Completing village centres to serve the surrounding neighbourhood
  • Improving the pedestrian experience / walkability
  • Providing new transportation options where feasible to connect neighbourhoods with employment areas
  • Encouraging corner stores, cafes and other amenities in suburban neighbourhoods
  • Supporting ground-oriented multi-family dwellings

Questions for discussion 

  1. What do you like about the key directions?
  2. How might these key directions be improved? 
  3. Is there anything missing?
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