Growing sustainably

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The most effective action our community can take to protect the natural environment and tackle climate change is to build a more compact city. This is why the 2040 OCP focuses growth in areas where homes, jobs, and amenities are all easily accessible.

Key directions to achieve this vision include:

  • Supporting more compact housing forms to limit sprawl, protect agriculture and leave more land in a natural state
  • Encouraging energy-efficient, multi-unit housing  
  • Focusing employment growth in Urban Centres
  • Creating amenity-rich neighbourhoods  that meet more of people’s daily needs and require less trips by car
  • Continuing to protect and preserve ecologically sensitive lands
  • Growing in areas that best support transit, walking, and biking to lower greenhouse gas emissions

Questions for discussion

  1. What do you like about the key directions?
  2. How might these key directions be improved? 
  3. Is there anything missing?
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