What is the 2040 Official Community Plan?

    The Official Community Plan (OCP) is the primary tool that local governments can use to guide the long-term growth of their communities. The update of Kelowna's Official Community Plan looking ahead to 2040 is currently underway and anticipated for completion in 2020. For more information, visit kelowna.ca/ocp.

    How do I know if I'm within the Permanent Growth Boundary?

    You can check if you're located within Kelowna's Permanent Growth Boundary two ways. 1. You can review this map on kelowna.ca (it will open in a new tab/window). 2. You can also search specifically for your property using the Kelowna map viewer, click "search address" in the top menu.

    If I am not clear, how do I find the current use of my property?

    The map viewer at kelowna.ca is a handy tool to find and review information about your property including current land use/zoning. 1. View the map 2. Find your address or use the "search address" button in the top menu. 3. Right click on the area and navigate to "what's here? (identify)" to bring up information about the property including zoning. If you need assistance to find the current use of your property, please contact the project manager

    Why is agricultural land not considered in this idea generator?

    Protecting agricultural land was identified as a priority through Imagine Kelowna, an extensive two year engagement process with 4,000 residents providing input on how they would like to see Kelowna grow. As such, we are not considering new forms of development on these lands. To learn more about Imagine Kelowna and the principles and goals that were built from what we heard from the community, visit kelowna.ca/imagine

    Is this my only chance to put in an idea for consideration for the OCP update?

    The OCP is updated on a regular basis when developments outside the OCP are endorsed by Council. However, by being part of this process now, you could save time as the development may not have to go through an OCP amendment.  This idea generator is an excellent opportunity to be proactive in your development plans to inform us of your future intentions so we have the best information moving forward as we draft the land use plan. Amendments to the OCP after it is completed involve a separate application process, so, while this is not your only chance to put in your idea, it is an opportunity to change the land use on your property without this process. Note: information provided through this process are ideas only and will be reviewed as part of the OCP 2040 update. If you would like to file an immediate development application, please visit the Property Development Application webpage.

    What if my future development idea changes?

    No problem. We have community planners that have the knowledge and expertise to work with you on future development applications, even if they end up looking different then the idea you put forth through this process. The purpose of the idea generator is to hear directly from property owners who may have unique perspectives on how to optimize their land to enhance their neighbourhoods.  

    What information should I include when describing my current use and idea for future use?

    Please include the current use of the property and any ideas you have for future uses.

    Why is there a ten year timeframe for this?

    The City's Official Community Plan is updated approximately every ten years. Part of the update process includes drafting a future land use map that aligns with the ways we want to grow as a sustainable and vibrant city. Residents can provide some of the best insights into their own land and how it could be used moving forward, which is why this idea generator is offered. It's an important opportunity for us to hear from you as a community member about how the future of your property could help to enhance our city as a whole.  

    If the Future Land Use is changed on my property, will it be rezoned as well?

    No. Future land use guides the City when considering rezoning applications by outlining the vision for the property and surrounding neighbourhood. Even if the Future Land Use is changed, a rezoning application will likely be required as part of the development process.