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Unable to find an apartment for my family



I love Kelowna but it is impossible to find a suitable apartment for my family of 2 children and 2 adults. Most of the available units are for adult residents only. The costs are really expensive compared to other cities in Canada,  I would like to request the City of Kelowna to build apartment buildings or coordinate some sort of business with a company that will provide a solution to this problem. Because of this problem we had to go back to our country of origin in South America like a year ago and still reading headlines saying that Kelowna continues with the same low availability rate or even worse and skyrocketed $ rentals. Please do something to address this situation ASAP as the population in Kelowna is growing rapidly and if the city  wants a healthy economy you need to invest a little more on this situation. I hope you take into consideration my comments.



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Grandan over 3 years ago
The Kelowna housing market is severely impacted by policies of the ALC. Properties that are not suitable for farming that are developed with housing already are getting a free ride for taxes and blocking the orderly development of the community. There is no reason why a 2 1/2 acre lot with 1 acre in creek riparian area should be classed as "farmland" when it cannot be farmed due to riparian areas close by and steep topography. The ALC talks in broad terms about removing property that is not suitable for farming but nothing happens. The OCP speaks in broad terms about preserving farmland but does noting to address the issue of properties that are totally unsuited to farming such as the above mentioned and also 1/4 acre lots that are fully developed with housing. Such properties are put in limbo because both Kelowna OCP and ALC regulation prohibit subdivision and rezoning. Also areas in Kelowna such as the Valley Road North Sexsmith community is excluded from the Permanent Growth Boundary despite the fact that it is bisected by a major road with 10,000 vehicles per day, is within walking distance to both Dr Knox Middle School and N Glenmore Elementary and also is on a bus route and bicycle route. It does not make sense to be developing the south slopes when close in properties are not appropriately identified for infill development.
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