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by Telenjia,

Good Morning;

I moved to Kelowna 3 years ago after moving from Ontario.  It was difficult to find affordable housing that allowed pets.

I had owned a home in Ontario so I had no "rental" history and had to pay 6 months of rent in advance in order to secure the only apartment that didn't cost over $1200.00/ month and allowed my cat.

I still feel uneasy living in such a pet unfriendly city.  I feel that property management companies are uneducated on animal care and cannot identify what makes a  responsible animal owner.  On the other side of the coin, I do not understand how having multiple children is any different from a medium dog.  The average child can be more destructive than a 40lb. dog.

I do understand that at one time or another a renter has been delinquent and disrespectful towards their rent and the unit they live in, but the management company should not judge potential new renters as undesirable.

In closing; with the current shortage of housing in BC, there is a definite need to stop harbouring this deliberate frenzied state created by property owners, which allows them to continue to gouge renters just because they can. 

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CarmenS over 3 years ago
It is my opinion too, that young children can be as destructive if not more so, of property than pets, however unless a strata bylaw prevents occupants under a certain age (usually only stipulated in 55+ developments) there is no way of addressing this. It is the property owner's right to decide whether they will accept pets or not and the property manger is simply carrying out the wishes of the owner they represent. I'm certain that once the supply and demand of housing is sorted out that owners will be more lenient in this regard. Unfortunately the new Provincial Government speculation tax for foreign investors where a lot of our supply inventory comes from will only exasperate the problem :(
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