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Middle-Income Affordable Housing

by Bernice L,

I am a middle income earner, single woman, mid-50's and I remember when "affordable housing" referred to lower income, minimum wage earners. Now I find myself desperate for "affordable" housing as my rent in Kelowna is more than one pay cheque, my 2nd pay cheque of the month barely covers electricity (ouch!), medical bills, gas (I live where I have to drive to work) and if I'm lucky I can afford some food at the end of it all. Sad that at my stage of life food is the last thing on my list I look at buying and I actually fear having to live in my car someday. I don't have the answers, you can't force developers to build for affordable renting. I guess for me I'm just glad I'm the age I'm at now because I won't be around for that many more years when younger people are having to tackle this problem of middle-income homelessness. Sadly, I have also decided that I cannot afford to live here when I retire and will be moving to a smaller, more remote town where housing is still affordable.  At this rate Kelowna will be home to only rich retirees and upper-income earners which will create a problem for filling the middle-lower income jobs. Already I know of two employers looking to hire professionals and not only are there no qualified applicants from within Kelowna, those from outside can't move here because they cannot find a place to rent.  The "housing crunch" picture goes beyond "affordable housing" it affects employment, spending ability, and quality of life.

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