December 09 2019

Report to Council

September → December 2019

Results review and compilation

August 2017 → September 2019

Lake Ave dog beach trial

September 2016

Council recommendation - dog beaches

June → September 2016

Community Feedback Discovery Sessions

The recommendation for three off-leash beaches was presented to Council in September 2016 as a result of a public engagement process

The five proposed locations explored as options for an off-leash dog beach or park included:       

  • Downtown
    • Downtown Sails Plaza for a cooling off opportunity
    • Lake Avenue beach access
  • North End/North Kelowna      
    • Poplar Point Drive beach access
  • Pandosy/KLO
    • Cedar Avenue beach access
  • Pandosy/KLO                
    • Munson Pond Park, western field area

Neighbourhood based discovery sessions were hosted with adjacent neighbours and stakeholders for each proposed area, along with a community wide session for residents to provide feedback regarding all five proposed locations. A total of 150 exit surveys were collected from local residents and stakeholders at the open house discovery sessions at the proposed site and 247 surveys were submitted online.

View the summarized results from the Off-Leash Dog Beaches and Parks Community Engagement Report.

January → March 2016

Statistically Valid Survey

The statistically valid survey represented all Kelowna residents and the results contributed to the identification of the five sites considered as potential off-leash locations. Responses are weighted by age, gender and city-wide distribution to accurately reflect Kelowna's population. NRG Research Group conducted the telephone survey from January 28, 2016 until approximately February 4, 2016.

Survey goals:

  • Determine residents' level of support for off-leash dog parks and/or dog beaches
  • Identify residents' tolerance level for off-leash dog parks and/or dog beaches in their neighbourhood
  • Identify priority locations for off-leash dog parks and dog beaches

Survey results:

View the complete results from the Dog Park Statistically Valid Survey.

January → February 2016

Online Feedback

The online feedback form was available from January 27 until February 15. There were 1,610 responses with 1,245 completed responses. Majority of the respondents were dog owners (82 per cent).

Online feedback goals:  

  • Identify appropriate and community accepted dog park criteria (e.g. surface materials and infrastructure)
  • Identify benefits and drawbacks of designated off-leash dog parks
  • Provide an opportunity for residents to provide feedback or suggestions for dog parks

Online feedback results:

  • Socialization and exercise were identified as the main benefits of dog parks
  • Safety factor (e.g. aggressive or uncontrolled dogs or owners) was identified as the main drawback of dog parks
  • Common themes that emerged from the open-ended feedback included: location suggestions or requests (e.g. water access, trails and mixed use); park design and amenity suggestions or requests; and concerns about dog parks (e.g. cleanliness/dog waste, enforcement, fines, uncontrolled dogs).

 View the complete results from the Online Feedback Form.