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Guiding Principles Feedback

by Amanda, Communications Consultant, 10 Jan 2018

Review the Guiding Principles below and tell us what you think.

  • Do you agree with/support the Guiding Principles? 
  • Are there any Guiding Principles you do not support?
  • Do you believe there is something missing within the Guiding Principles?
The principles will guide our efforts in achieving our Vision

Provide positive sport experiences
Our sport system is fair, safe, sustainable, focusing on participants’ positive sport experience while promoting physical literacy.

Celebrate our champions
Our sport system recognizes our volunteers and sport partners as invaluable champions of sport, who are vital to our adaptive leadership model that fosters sport development and improves the quality of sport and physical activity experiences for everyone. 

Achieve excellence
Our sport system pursues excellence that enables community members to enjoy sport and events at a level that matches their capabilities and interests.

Promote inclusivity
Our sport system is open, diverse, welcoming and accessible to all citizens regardless of their point of entry to the system, their skill level, their physical capabilities or their financial resources.

Build collaboration
Our sport system is grounded in collaboration that is fair, respectful and reliant on collective contributions of the City, local sport organizations, allied government agencies, not-for-profits and the private sector.

Develop quality infrastructure
Our sport system enjoys world-class sport and recreation facilities that are developed and maintained to support a diversity of abilities, aspirations and goals.   

Accomplish results
Our sport system promotes increases in sport participation, delivers programs that improve community wellness and offers supports that result in positive personal development through sport. 

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Collection for feedback has concluded. We thank you for your participation! Stay tuned for the Draft Community Sport Plan to go to Council later this year. 

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