Design Options 1& 2

22 Jan 2021
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Option 1 - Laneway for the full length to K.L.O. Road

The Active Transportation Corridor runs the length of the laneway from Raymer Avenue to K.L.O. Road, operating as a shared space. New lighting, signage and markings will be added to enhance the space and guide users.


  • Uses the existing laneway
  • Laneway will be repaved
  • No bridge required over Fascieux Creek


  • Similar to today, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles would share the laneway but with improvements, such as new lighting, signage and markings
  • Vehicles will continue to turn on and off the laneway to access adjacent properties
  • Fascieux Creek adjacent to K.L.O. Road forms a pathway pinch point, but this could be widened at a cost
  • At K.L.O. Road, vehicle movements would be restricted to southbound only (no entry from K.L.O.) to prevent conflict between motor vehicles turning from K.L.O. Road and people walking and biking to and from the laneway

Option 2 - Okanagan College

The Active Transportation Corridor runs down the north half of the lane from Raymer Avenue, reaching a new bridge across Fascieux Creek, to be constructed as part of the project. Users cross the bridge at the north-west corner of the Okanagan College Campus (OC), continue along the western edge of the OC parking lot, and on to K.L.O. Road.


  • Better connects to OC's future pedestrian and bicycle pathway network
  • Limits interactions between vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists to the north half of the lane
  • Better visibility and comfort for pathway users within the college campus
  • Maintains two-way vehicle traffic along the laneway, including at K.L.O.


  • Loss of parking on campus (32 stalls) and student housing (22 stalls)
  • Cost of new bridge structure and compensation for use of OC lands
  • Similar to today, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles would share the north half of the laneway but with improvements such as new lighting, signage, and markings

Option Comparison

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