Vegetative buffers for urban properties adjacent to ALR lots

by stedwards,
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Farming is a diverse industry, and normal farm practices such as the use of sprays and machinery can create conflicts with urban neighbours. Conflicts can make it hard for farmers to farm, either from complaints, or trespass, littering, vandalism or even flooding from neighbouring urban development.  Similarly, farming practices can make it challenging for residents to enjoy their homes and outdoor spaces due to dust, sprays and noise.

A landscape buffer provides benefits to urban parcels, protecting from dust, spray and noise, and provides benefits to the farm by creating a transition and physical barrier to agricultural practices.  While the type of urban development (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) plays a role in compatibility, currently the Zoning Bylaw does not differentiate between these and requires a 3-metre buffer in addition to standard setback for all types of development. 

The proposed buffer and setback policy for new developments within urban zones is based on Ministry of Agriculture’s Edge Planning Guidelines and will help to minimize conflicts between urban and agriculture neighbours.

    Minimum setback (on and 

    off-site from adjacent agriculture

    parcel to on-site structure) 


    Minimum on-site

    landscape buffer

Existing urban residential lot <0.4ha

    Per existing zone

    3 metres

Existing urban residential lot >0.4ha

    20 metres

    8 metres

New residential subdivision

    20 metres

  15 metres

Multi-unit residential  

    20 metres   

  15 meters


    15 metres

    8 metres


    90 metres

  15 metres


    15 metres

    8 metres

Do you think the proposed policy to increase required buffers and setbacks for new urban development will help address conflicts between farmers and urban neighbours?

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