Secondary use changes for properties zoned A1

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Approximately 72 per cent of all 12,000 ha of land zoned for agriculture are in the ALR.  These ALR lands are further regulated by the provincial ALR Regulation which specifies permitted land uses in the ALR and outlines requirements for farming on these properties when a secondary use, such as a winery, processing or forestry takes place.  The Agriculture Land Commission can enforce these regulations, including crop and volume requirements, while it is difficult for a local government to do so. 

This proposed amendment distinguishes the secondary uses that are permitted in the ALR and those that are permitted outside of the ALR for lots zoned A1 as illustrated below (those in bold are regulated by the Agriculture Land Commission). Note:  those non-ALR lots with established secondary uses at the time of bylaw adoption will be grandfathered. This helps to achieve the Agriculture Plan recommendation to “ensure compliance between the A1 zone and provincial standards.”  Further, it provides a clear understanding of what uses are permitted.

Secondary Uses – ALR Lots      

(a)  Agri-tourism
(b)  Alcohol production facility (brewery, cidery, distillery, meadery, winery)                                            
(c)  Bed and breakfast homes 
(d)  Child care centre, minor 
(e)  Farm retail sales stands      
(f)   Forestry     
(g)  Group homes, minor   
(h)  Home based businesses  
(i)   Kennels 
(j)   Mobile home for immediate family
(k)  On-farm processing 
(l)   Secondary suite
(m) Temporary farm worker housing

Secondary Uses – non ALR lots

(a)  Agri-tourism
(b)  Animal clinics (note: this use is not permitted on ALR land)
(c)  Bed and breakfast homes
(d)  Child care centre, minor
(e)  Group home, minor
(f)   Home based businesses
(g)  Kennels
(h)  Secondary suite
(i)   Temporary farm worker housing

Do you think the proposed policy to distinguish secondary uses for inside and outside the ALR will provide clear understanding for landowners and perspective purchasers?

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