Maximum Home Size on A1 Properties

by stedwards,
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The farm house is essential to supporting agriculture in Kelowna.  However, the trend to larger homes (e.g. estate homes) is driving up the cost of farmland, making it harder for farmers to buy and use the land for farming now and in the future. 

A provincial survey showed that 93 per cent of residences on ALR parcels in Kelowna are within the 500m2 (5,382ft2) maximum.  However, the survey also showed that 30 per cent of homes built between 2007 and 2014 on farmland exceeded this size, indicating a trend for increasing home size.

Currently, Kelowna’s agricultural zoning does not regulate house size. Staff are proposing to adopt house size policy for agriculture lands based on Ministry of Agriculture’s guidelines, for properties over 1 acre (0.4ha). This policy would:

  • Reduce speculation;
  • Stablize agricultural land values;
  • Minimize the impacts of residential uses on farming potential; and
  • Clarify development regulations for properties zoned A1.


Proposed housing size policy for A1 properties:

      Properties less than 1 acre (0.4 ha)

  • Housing size does not apply

      Properties 1 acre (0.4 ha) or more
  • Maximum house size of 500m2 (5,382ft2)
               - Additional 42m2 (452 ft2) allowed for garage or carport

               - Basements less than 1.95 metres in height excluded

  • Additional 300m2 (3,229ft2) allowed for mobile home for immediate family (where permitted)

Do you think the proposed policy to limit home size will help stabilize the cost of farm land making it easier for farmers to purchase and farm the land?
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