Use of Abbott ATC is increasing

    In 2020, over 250 thousand people biked on the Abbott ATC, an increase of more than 50 per cent compared to 2019. 

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    Quick-build project budget

    Depending on the final design, costs, and available budget, construction would start at Rose Avenue in 2022 and extend south. The length of project constructed in 2022 and subsequent years is dependent on final project design, costs, and Council approval of additional budget.

    Ultimate infrastructure project & budget

    Our 10-year Capital Plan identifies the Abbott ATC extension as a Priority 1 project scheduled for 2029-2030.

    Currently, the $15 million project is partially funded. Additional funding, such as through grants, will be needed to construct the remainder of the corridor with permanent infrastructure.

    On-street parking impacts

    In both the 2021 quick-build and future ultimate infrastructure scenarios, on-street parking would be removed on the west side, and in some sections on both sides of Abbott Street. 

    To understand this impact, a parking study was completed in the Fall of 2020. Overall, the project aims to meet current parking demand that can be sufficiently accommodated along the east side of Abbott Street or adjacent cross-streets. 

    However, there may be a few areas where peak parking demand cannot be accommodated and may spill over onto adjacent streets. 

    Parking impacts will be offset by benefits to residents, businesses and visitors through the extension of one of the City’s most popular protected bike lanes.

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    Impacts of Pandosy Waterfront Park project

    The development of Pandosy Waterfront Park is a multi-year City park development project located adjacent to Abbott Street between Newsom and Meikle avenues. 

    The project will have limited impacts on the Abbott ATC project. 

    For more information about Pandosy Waterfront Park, visit the project webpage.

    Impacts to adjacent properties

    At this stage, preliminary design is being finalized with detailed design following this public engagement. As part of that process, we'll work through issues with fronting property owners to address specific concerns. 

    Generally, accesses and frontages will not be significantly affected. 

    During construction, interruptions may be required as follows: 

    • Potential detours, traffic control, and alternating two-way traffic during construction. To be determined through detailed design. 
    • Driveway access may be restricted during certain utility work, replacement of parking gravels, curing, and paving operations, etc. 

    Property owners to be notified in advance. To keep connected with the project, sign up for 'public transit, walking & biking' email updates from the City.